Building Automation

Let HVAC help you to reduce energy costs, personnel costs, equipment failures and unnecessary service calls with a state-of-the-art building automation system. HVAC, Inc. is the regional leader and innovator in the field of commercial and industrial automation, with a dedicated in-house building automation division offering design, installation, service and low voltage networking for a complete, computer-based automation solution. Our Building Automation Division is highly skilled in building management and automation; direct digital control (DDC), zoned comfort control and security.

Building automation resources allow HVAC, Inc. to monitor the electrical, mechanical and comfort systems either from your location, or from the HVAC offices, managing zoned comfort settings, monitoring energy efficiency, controlling lighting and electrical systems and troubleshooting, as well as directing on-site maintenance.

The system can be configured to automatically send information via email, or to send an alarm to a pager, cell phone or other device alerting of deviations from satisfactory conditions. System parameters can be changed from the computer or mobile device via the Internet. HVAC, Inc. automation experts tie together various building systems for optimum functionality and effectiveness. Whether you want to turn on a single light, or you want 180,000 fans comfortable in the interior areas of one of the nation's largest sporting venues, our automation experts can design, install, manage and service a system that’s perfect for your unique situation.

Building Automation


• System Management

• Direct Digital Controls (DDC)

• Security Systems

• Systems Integration

• Remote Monitoring

• Technical Support

• Preventive Maintenance

• Zoned Comfort Control

• Energy Information Management

• Retrofitting

• Training

• Honeywell Controls

• Standalone Programmable Controllers

• Fully Animated Dynamic Color Graphic Software

• Remote Access & Alarming (via phone, web or network)

• Trending & Data Logging

• Energy Consumption Monitoring

• Demand Controlled Ventilation

• Variable Speed Drives