Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

A recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration report noted that 20-30% of commercial buildings suffer from indoor air quality (IAQ) problems. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health surveyed 350 buildings with deficient indoor air quality, and found that more than half of the complaints stemmed from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that were not installed properly or maintained.

HVAC, Inc., with decades of experience as a premier mechanical contractor, can help prevent IAQ problems through its focus on installation, training and proper maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Additionally, expertise in air quality testing protects property owners by providing documented verification of a building's performance and operation — including tests of outside airflow rates and building pressurization, primary factors affecting IAQ.

HVAC, Inc. has the expertise, knowledge and resources to provide superior heating and cooling installation and maintenance at your industrial or commercial facility. We offer a wide-range of products, services and maintenance programs for commercial buildings. 

Heating & Cooling


• Geothermal Solutions

• High Efficiency Heat Pumps

• Ductless Heat Pumps


• High Efficiency Air Conditioners

• Radiant Ceiling Panels

• Radiant Cooling

• Evaporative Coolers

• Reverse Cycle Chillers

• Radiant Floor Heating

• Boiler Systems

• "Smart" Zoning Controls

Ventilation & Air Quality

• Central Air Purification/Dehumidification Systems

• Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

• Crawlspace Ventilation Systems

• Air Distribution & Filtration Systems

• Ventilation Control Systems

Installation, Service & Training

• Quality Products

• Emergency Service 24/7

• Energy Reduction Programs

• Lower Operating Cost

• Highly Trained Installers And Technicians

• Cutting Edge Technology

• Building Automation

• Indoor Air Quality Experts

• Service Agreements

• EPA Certified Technicians

HVAC, Inc is fully licensed in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina We are exceptionally qualified in the installation, service and maintenance of heating, cooling and ventilation for offices, schools, hospitals, churches, government facilities, commercial establishments and industrial sites. We are your exclusive resource for quality IAQ products, installation and service.