Hank, where and when were you born?

I am not sure when I was born, because before I joined HVAC, Inc. I was illiterate and due to my early separation from my mother I didn't learn my age in dog years.  My physician says that I am around five years old in human years, for those that don't know, that is 35 in dog years.  I now consider October 29th my birthday and am proud to share that date with Becky Hill.  I am at the peak of my working years.  I was reborn on October 29, 2009 when I wandered in to the back yard of Edd and Becky Hill, who took me in, fed me, cleaned me up, and offered me this great position with HVAC.  I take my job very seriously.  No one comes and goes without my knowing it.  I would say I'm on top of my game!
What is your lineage and breed?

My father and mother were both Labrador Retrievers.  I suspect that I am from a strong lineage but unfortunately due to my early years on the street I have lost all of my credentials.  From the curls on my back, I think that one of my parents may have had some Chesapeake Retriever in the family tree.  I am not giving up that claim, just in case the Chesapeakes ever get a casino.   

Where do you live now?

I live on the banks of the South Holston River up stream from Bluff City, Tennessee.  It is a wonderful place.  I can swim every day, chase duck and geese out of the yard and off the dock.  And, I can spend hours trying to catch the fish swimming around the dock.

What is your educational background?

During my formative years I was trained to retrieve ducks and other birds.  I still like to do that but I get equal enjoyment out of retrieving sticks and balls.  However, if I hear a shot or see a shotgun I am ready to go again.  This training has helped me tremendously in my current position as Director of Home Office Security at HVAC.  I am acutely aware of everything going on around me.  When all is well I relax but when needed, I can spring to action just like that.   

What is your skill set that allowed you to have your current position with HVAC?

I think it is my easygoing nature that makes me compatible for this job, coupled with my keen awareness of good and bad traits in humans.  I just have the knack of knowing good people from not so well intentioned people.  My deep aggressive voice also make people take notice and know that I am serious so they show their intention immediately.
How did you acquire the position of Director of Home Office Security for HVAC?

I started volunteering about three years ago when Becky and Edd would bring me to the office with them.  I didn't just lie around.  I got to know everyone that worked there.  I soon recognized the need for someone to check out unfamiliar visitors.  Everyone liked me so much that they started paying me in treats.  Now I can't wait to get to work in the morning.  I highly recommend HVAC, Inc. as a great place to work.  They readily accept you into their pack and allow you to do your job without interference.  It is just one big family and I will do everything I can to protect them.